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All macros are set by default for use with rare modules and standard equipment, which should be taken into account when installing entry-level modules, which will be followed by an increase in recoil and requires additional adjustment of the sensitivity! The shooting position is also affected by the shooting position and the use of certain equipment that reduces recoil, which also requires adjusting the sensitivity for changes. The weapon in the game has a parametric recoil (random - not to the point), the installation of modules that increase the accuracy and the use of equipment that increase accuracy to some extent increases the accuracy of your shooting. You can also use the shooting position, for example, if you shoot prone, the recoil decreases, the swinging of the sight is removed and the accuracy is significantly increased, and if you build the sensitivity for such shooting, then in the standing position the recoil will be increased, which increases the effectiveness of shooting at long distances , but short ones will require manual recoil adjustment.
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