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Macros of the No recoil class in the game PUBG and in PUBG LITE almost completely remove the vertical recoil from the weapons on A4Tech mice: x7 and bloody. For non-macro mice, there is the MACROS EFFECTS program.

Macros were written taking into account the increased clip, for shooting from a standing position in the first person, under the mouse sensitivity settings in the game:
sensitivity for all sights - 50, vertical sensitivity factor - 1.0.

For technical reasons, macros can work for you at other values ??in the mouse sensitivity settings in the game.
If necessary, you will need to adjust the macro. If the barrel constantly shoots down during shooting, then reduce sensitivity, if up, then increase. 

It is also necessary that the weapon was set to - automatic firing mode.

The archive contains macros for x7 mice - “amc” files, for bloody mice with BLOODY 7 program - “mgn” files and “mefx” files for MACROS EFFECTS

Macros for mouse x7 are recorded on the 7th mouse button. On bloody mice when using the BLOODY 5 program, convert "amc" files to "mgn" and bind to the top buttons - N, 3 and 4, if any.

 Attention !!!
For macros version v3.1 ..., v3.2 ..., v3.3 ..., from the folders 2018 and 2019, a fixed FPS is required.
Set them as follows: set the vertical sensitivity factor - 1.0, the sensitivity for sights - 50 and select an FPS such that the barrel will not often go down or up during firing. 

When using the MACROS EFFECTS program, the macro starts and stops using the F8 button (can be changed in the program settings). The recoil is removed by clicking the left mouse button.
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