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ALL MACROS FOR ALL WEAPONS FOR GAME APEX LEGENDS. For all mice, use with program Macros Effect!

After downloading you will receive an ARCHIVE with your purchase! Unzip using WinRar (!
Please do not leave negative feedback about the product if you find yourself in a difficult situation, read the "answers to frequently asked questions" and contact me through the "my purchases" section (
To resolve the issue, I am always happy to help everyone who bought my scripts. Thank you for understanding.

Sensation (sensitivity) in the game:
5 is the default.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1) I paid for the purchase, where can I get it?
! All purchases are stored in the "my purchases" section (, where you can also receive free updates for all my macros.

2) I downloaded my purchase but nothing is installed, what should I do?
! All my macros are packed in an archive, it stores the macro (s) itself, instructions, additional materials. Before installation, you must unzip the archive using the WinRar program (

3) I canít install macros on my mouse I have X7 (bloody), how can I do this?
! If you use a mouse of the Bloody series, you must correctly import the file (macro), instructions with pictures -
! If you have a mouse of the X7 series, then just place the file (macro) along the path "C -> OscarData -> Russian -> MacroLibrary" then select the macro on the mouse and click the "download" button.

4) My mouse is not X7 and not Bloody, can I use your macros?
! Yes, macros for regular mice (and other gaming brands) can be run through the MacroEffects program (

5) I have a very cool and expensive mouse (Razer, SteelSeries, Roccat, etc.) with its own built-in P.O. are there any macros on it?
! No, I donít have any macros on it, but perhaps the answer to question No. 4 will help.

6) I had problems, but I did not find the answer to my question in the answers to the questions and in general on this page what should I do ?!
! Do not panic, write to me through the "my purchases" ( section of your purchase, and we will discuss everything. Do not leave a negative review about the product before communicating with me.

Useful videos on YouTube: - How to install a macro on: X7, Bloody, Normal mouse.
- - Setting any macro (X7, Bloody, MacrosEffects) to your sensitivity (sense)!
for questions and suggestions please email: [email protected], discord:, telegram:, facebook:, vk: