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Attention!!! On wireless mice, scripts may be unstable.

The script was written for the mouse sensitivity settings in the game - 10.0, FOV - 120, for a clip of 100 rounds.
But, for technical reasons, or when changing the FOV, or when modifying the weapon, the script recoil removal mode can work for you with other values ??in the mouse sensitivity settings in the game. If the sight pulls down during shooting, then decrease the values ??in the mouse sensitivity settings in the game, if up, then increase.

If the mouse sensitivity settings in the game are too large for you, or too small, then you can change the dpi of your mouse, this will not affect the operation of the script.

CODMW-10-KILO141-v2.4.lua - for Windows 10 version 2004.

CODMW-10-KILO141-v2.8.lua - for Windows 10 version 1909 and below.

The script control is configured like this:

"5th mouse button" - turns on the script and the ScrollLock icon on the keyboard will light up. Pressing it again turns off the script, the ScrollLock icon will go out.

If you enable "CapsLock" on the keyboard, then pressing the left mouse button will start shooting with recoil removal and aiming.
"CapsLock" CAN BE CHANGED TO "NumLock" BY REPLACING THIS LINE IN THE SCRIPT: if IsKeyLockOn ("capslock") then TO: if IsKeyLockOn ("numlock") then

Attention!!! Removing recoil in the script only in aiming mode, that is, with the right mouse button pressed. If you do not press the right button, then the left button will work as usual.
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