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For a comfortable game, your FPS must be at least 60.
The script for the game Valorant, the macro dampens recoil for any automatic weapons. Please note that in the game Valorant there is a strong random spread of bullets, much worse than in CS: GO, and therefore the macro will normally extinguish only the first 5-10 shots.

ATTENTION! All macros have been tested repeatedly, if any macros work differently from the video, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side. You can always contact the seller on the purchase page and they will help you.

After payment you will instantly receive a link to download the archive with scripts and information on setting up. If you accidentally closed the page with this link, you can return it by clicking on the link in the letter that came to your Email address after payment. You can also go to your personal account at and your purchase will be displayed there. These macros are suitable for Logitech G series mice: G102, G305, G402, G403, G502, G603, G604, G703, G900, G903, MX518, G Pro. The list may not be complete. Installation instructions are here
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