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These macros are designed for Logitech brand mice such as those found in Logitech Gaming Software or Logitech G HUB. Other different brands of mice, not macros. Macros are purchased FOREVER and have FREE updates. Macros are of the NORECOIL type - which means that we will bring it to the ideal, you simply will not find it better. The face at your clamp will be turned into a chop. All DELUXE NORECOIL MACRO comes out in this collection of macros, namely: AK-47, LR-300 and MP5A4, front sight, holographic sight and 8X / 16X.

Macros are acquired forever.

Macros are of the NORECOIL type, which means that recoil is almost completely eliminated.

The macro is activated by pressing the 5th (side) mouse button once and then holding down the left mouse button.
To deactivate the script, just click the 5th mouse button again.

List of Logitech mouse models that support macros:

If your Logitech mouse is not listed here, try installing the Logitech G HUB or Logitech Gaming Software - if the mouse is detected by programs, macros will work.

Use them on the following settings: without sights and modules, only gloves, flashlight and laser - sensitivity in the game 1.0 and FOV 75 or 0.83 and FOV 90. Only with a holographic sight you can wear a flashlight, laser and gloves - sensitivity in the game 1.0 and FOV 90. Only with 8X or 16X scopes can you wear flashlight, laser and gloves - 0.83 sensitivity and 90 FOV.

Installation video:

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT create profiles for playing RUST inside LGS and / or GHub programs, DO NOT attach RUST executable files to profiles. FOR THESE ACTIONS YOU CAN GET A BAN !!!
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