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We offer you a universal script for anyone in the arsenal of a weapon game with an automatic short burst mode - DO NOT CLAMP! Convenient universal script with activation of recoil suppression by clicking on the mouse scroll wheel and adjustment of the recoil force with the plus and minus buttons! You do not need to minimize the game to install a specific macro, when changing weapons, or changing its characteristics, you only need to adjust the return with two buttons!
You can change the activation / deactivation button - by default, it corresponds to button 3 by clicking on the mouse scroll wheel. And also the plus and minus buttons are convenient for you.
The ability to change the sensitivity of the mouse in the game, as well as the use of the inversion mode of the Y axis! If your usual sensitivity in the game has other indicators, change 50. If you are playing with an inversion, just add a minus sign in front of the sensa value.
During the testing of the script in the game, the values ??for firing in short bursts (efficiency and accuracy up to 6-8 shots) of the recoil change with the plus / minus buttons were fixed. To achieve return compensation, you need a certain number of clicks on the plus / minus buttons. At first it may seem that there are a lot of them and you can get confused, but after playing for several hours you will remember the number of clicks for the main weapon and then everything will go automatically for you. Or you can write out all these indicators and fix it in front of you.
The weapon in the game has 3 shooting options: single, burst and automatic. Using .LUA scripts can effectively reduce recoil for automatic weapons! For the semi-automatic shooting mode, it all depends on the click rate of the LMC - you need an individual adjustment of the recoil force to the speed of your click, it is not possible to consult the settings, experiment under the single mode with plus / minus values!
After installing the modules that reduce recoil, it is possible to change the recoil force, pay attention to which side it takes when shooting, up or down, and if necessary, correct it by pressing the plus / minus keys. More noticeable on the sights x2, x3 and x4. By default, values ??were tested without modules.
Pulling down - click the minus. Pulls up - click "plus".
Attention! When using a script, do not forget to switch weapons to automatic shooting mode!
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