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The best macros, completely safe, for each user creates his personal private build program. Auto-detection of weapons is also available, you do not have to choose a weapon yourself, the program will do it for you. 1920 * 1080 at this resolution, the program works best.
Watch a video demonstration and macro settings. This is the best in the macro market.

Works with any types of mice and keyboards.
Simulates actions of a real person with a little random mouse movement, smoothness and any sensetivity range.
Does not embed in processes and totally safe.
Behaves like a random process in minimized mode.
Has a simple system with simple descriptions.
Has GUI support on top of all windows.
Has sound effects support.
Has an automatic update system.
Has a simple activation system that does not require registration.

Attention! Use the [EXTENSION] extension only if you have a private program! If you are purchasing this program for the first time, then you need to purchase its full version, and then renew it with an extension (as a product, the extension is an activation key to extend the activation of a private program and does not include the program itself)

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